Teaching Assistant

Materials Science & Engineering: Teaching Assistant (TA) Information

Each quarter, TAs are selected by the MSE department to assist our faculty (instructor of Record) with the instruction of our undergraduate and graduate courses required for our majors. 

Teaching Assistant Application

NOTE: The applicant is responsible for reading, understanding, and following the requirements below. Incomplete TA applications will be rejected. 

To qualify for a TA position, the applicant must complete the following:

  1. Attended TA Orientation (only need to be completed once).
  2. Confirm you completed the TA Language Requirement via TALRA.
  3. Complete the Teaching Assistant Application
    •  by 8am Monday, February 26th, 2024 for priority review. 
    • You need to sign in via your UC Davis email account.
    • Applications will be accepted until the first day of the Spring Quarter.

Priority consideration is given to Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. students. 

Our students enjoy success in applying for other departments, especially as Chemistry TAs. You can find more information on their website including testing requirements, application details, and job description. 

Teaching Assistant Job Duties

  • Duties may vary by course and are based on the supplemental contract signed by both the Instructor of Record and the TA.
  • Common duties include: conducting a discussion section or laboratory experiments, proctoring quizzes or exams, holding office hours, and grading. 
  • Once an offer letter is signed by the TA, they are welcome to connect with the Instructor of Record to begin discussing the specific duties, sections, and office hours. 
  • Mandatory registration in EMS 390 associated with the course (CRN will be provided upon completion of hiring paperwork)

Frequently Asked Questions for Applications

  • I missed the deadline for the TA application, what happens now?
  • If you miss the priority deadline, your application may not be considered but you have until the start of the quarter to apply. Handshake hosts many other Taships from other departments across campus. 
  • I am not an MSE graduate students, can I be considered for a TA position in the MSE Department?
  • MSE students receive a high priority for the TA positions. Realistically, the number of MSE applicants outnumber the number of available positions within the department. It is rare that any non-MSE students would receive a TAships from the Department unless they are working directly under an MSE faculty member. 
  • What is the percentage/stipend for a TA position?
  • Traditionally, the MSE department only employs TAs for 25% appointments (10 hours per week. The salary is based on the current TA salary table which is experience-based [link]. For example, starting in 2023-24 AY, a 25% TAship at salary point 1 (with 0-2 quarters of TA experience) is proportionate to $1,353.96/month. 
  • Does a TAship cover Non-Resident Student Tuition (NRST) (applicant to non-CA domestic or international students)?
  • No. TAships cover tuition, fees, and health insurance only. The student is responsible for paying the NRST and local fees as noted in the TA offer letter. 
  • I was selected for a TA position that I didn't apply for, do I have to accept?
  • That is at your discretion. Please mark decline, sign, and date the TA offer letter. 

    NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will be offered a different TAship with the MSE Department. 
  • I have submitted my TA application and/or Offer letter, now what?
  • Please be patient, as the TA selection process takes time. Multiple emails sent to our department to check the status of your submitted forms slow down the process. You will receive an email if additional information/action is needed. 

Updated: Nov 3rd, 2023