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Why Study Materials Science and Engineering?

Study the "Stuff" Around Us

Materials science and engineering majors develop the materials that make the technologies we use in our everyday lives better. Naturally, the field lends itself to a wide range of career opportunities. 

Our graduates typically pursue careers in industry, academia (attending graduate school then achieving faculty/teaching positions) and with national research labs. Our graduates apply their knowledge of structural materials to develop lighter and stronger cars and sports equipment, and their knowledge of electrical properties of materials to build faster and more powerful electronics, and much more.

To learn more, read a blog by alumna Aditi Risbud Bartl about the major and where some of our former students have gone, along with U.S. News' write-up of what to do with a MSE degree. Below, you will also find a list of where some of our graduates have pursued internships during their UC Davis careers and where they have gone after graduation:

Johnson and Johnson Industry
Accenture Technology Consulting Industry
TenCate Advanced Composites Industry
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories Industry
National Center for Photovoltaics National Research Laboratory
BeBop Sensors Industry
L'Oreal Industry
OASIS Materials Company Industry
USS POSCO Industry
Intel Industry
KeySight Industry
Lam Research Industry
Nike Industry
Genentech Industry
Northwestern University Academia
Ohio State University Academia
University of California, Irvine Academia
Arizona State University Academia
University of California, Riverside Academia
Aalborg University Academia