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Materials ScienceMaterials Science

A top-20 ranked graduate program

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The Department of Materials Science & Engineering is home to a top-20 ranked graduate program in Materials Science & Engineering. We offer a unique environment for graduate studies: we are large enough to boast world-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities, yet small enough to give every graduate student personal attention.

Degrees offered are:
Materials Science M.S., M. Engr., Ph.D


Materials Science {advanced materials synthesis, processing, and characterization}:
Biomaterials, catalysts, ceramics, electronic and electrochemical properties and devices, glasses, green engineering and design, interfaces, magnetic materials and devices, materials microstructure and/or processing, mathematical modeling, mechanical properties and synthesis, metals, microscopy, molecular modeling, nanomaterials, optical properties and devices, polymers, renewable energy, sintering, structural materials, thermochemistry, and thin films.

Ph.D. Designated Emphases are available as specializations in Biotechnology, Biophotonics, and Nuclear Science for doctoral students to tailor their research and coursework if desired.

Diversity Statement:

We are actively recruiting graduate students with a variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance.  Women comprise 34% of graduate students in our department and 33% of our faculty (2016 data).  We are committed to providing additional financial support and mentoring to underrepresented minorities beginning their doctoral studies.

Access the Graduate Diversity Professionals and Resources contact list here (direct link to the pdf) or here.