Registration and Courses

Everything You Need to Know About Graduate Coursework

New Students: Registration Presentation for the 2022 Cohort & August Information Session for 2022 Cohort

All full-time students should be enrolled in 12 units each quarter to ensure eligibility for employment and access to university services, such as health care. For all Materials Science and Engineering degree programs, the core courses should be taken in the first two-quarters of enrollment (fall and winter), followed by electives selected in consultation with your major professor or graduate advisor. Sample schedules for each degree program are available under the “About Our Programs” section.  

We know students are curious about selecting their electives, so we’ve identified a list of several common electives. This list should be used to guide your discussion with your major professor. Students often select electives from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics and other engineering disciplines, as well as from Materials Science and Engineering. Please be sure to complete a program of study form for your degree program.

Program of Study Forms

If you have identified a major professor and are actively conducting research, use the tool below to locate the course registration number for your major professor. Please take care to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct section of EMS 290, 290C (1 unit for group meeting), and/or 299 (variable units for conducting research):

Department research CRNs
If you plan to go on a planned educational leave (PELP), contact your graduate program coordinator to complete the necessary paperwork before you register. If you plan to be out of the state for the entirety of the quarter, you should complete an in absentia application and register as normal in 12 units.