Jerry M. Woodall

uc davis ece mse grad jerry woodall

Position Title
Distinguished Professor

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
2001 Kemper Hall
Thermoelectric generators, energy storage, power conversion, solar cells

Woodall studies intermittent alternative power conversion and global scale energy storage. One of his research focuses is a gallium-activated aluminum technology that splits water into high-purity hydrogen, high-purity alumina and heat as a global energy storage medium and how it can be converted to 24/7 electric power. He also studies a heat energy storage system that uses the heat fusion of an Al-silicon eutectic composition and its conversion to 24/7 electric power using a heat engine. This work involves developing new materials for efficient thermoelectric generators (TEG). Other projects include two junction, tandem high-efficiency concentrator solar cells, the photolysis of water using solar-irradiated p+GaP cathodes and the reduction of sub-band gap defect states in Ga2O3 to create a truly solar-blind UV detector.