Joanna Groza

uc davis materials science engineering emeritus professor joanna groza

Position Title
Professor Emerita

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Joanna Groza is a professor emeritus of chemical engineering and materials science at the College of Engineering at UC Davis. She served on the College of Engineering faculty for the department of chemical engineering and materials science for more than twenty years, first as a lecturer (1988-1990), then a professor (1990–2011) and presently as a research professor.

She has served on several departmental, college and campus committees, including a term as chair of the materials science graduate admissions committee and as a graduate advisor for materials science.

During her career, her research interests have included electrical field/current-activated sintering, attempting to understand the effects of electrical field application in powder sintering; control of FAST (field-activated sintering technique) process to achieve optimum final properties; sintering of nanocrystalline materials with emphasis on biomaterials; and processing and microstructure property relationships to improve the basic knowledge of materials behavior in high-temperature and fatigue conditions (e.g., in nanocomposites).