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Nanoscience & Nanotechnology


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Research programs on nanoscience and nanotechnology are a vital part of the Materials Science & Engineering research portfolio.   The research projects explore the thermodynamics of a wide variety of nanomaterials with applications in energy, the environment, and nanotechnology (Navrotsky); interface formation and the energetics of established grain boundary structures, especially in radiation-tolerant nanomaterials and smart nanocomposites, during nanosintering (Castro); ionic transport in nanostructured ceramics for application as electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation, and membrane reactors (Kim); the evolution of various defects in nanomaterials with in situ TEM (van Benthem); and the interrelationship between structure and properties of nanostructured III-V semiconductors and thin films (Mahajan).  Risbud uses imaging techniques based on synchrotron radiation to study nanostructures such as semiconductor quantum dots and biological membranes on aerogels. Takamura’s group grows oxide thin films by pulsed laser deposition, utilizes nanoscale patterning techniques, and characterizes their magnetic and electronic properties for spintronic applications.

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