Logging in to FOM Instructions

The Facilities Online Management (FOM) System is used in AMCaT to reserve time on the instruments, record instrument usage time, track billing, and to communicate the operational status of each instrument. All users must be registered users in the AMCaT FOM system before they can start working in AMCaT. To register as a new AMCaT user please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the registration page at: https://mse.engineering.ucdavis.edu/amcat/new-user
  • In order to create an account, you must have a valid account number for recharge purposes. This should be the same 7-character DAFIS account number you used on the AMCaT user from.
  • You will get an email in 1-2 days confirming that your scheduler account has been created.

Due to the College of Engineering’s new IT Safety Policy you must be logged-in to the campus network in order to access the FOM system. If you are logging in from off campus you can use various VPN Clients provided by campus to log onto the network. Here are a list of some VPN clients that campus provides with links to instructions on how to install the software.

Once you receive an email confirmation that you account is active you can access the FOM system through the following link: https://amcat-fom.mse.ucdavis.edu/fom/