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Welcome to the homepage for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Computing Services. Our office is located in Ghausi Hall 3045. MSE Computing Services provides computing-related assistance to all Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering administrative, instructional and research computing.

Usage policy

We adhere to UC Davis’ computer use policy and general policies. We expect all MSE computer users to follow those policies, and we do enforce them, as needed.

Purchasing Software

Campus licensed software

The campus offers many software programs at substantial discounts or free. If you purchase through this site you will need to contact the Materials Science and Engineering Business Office to get a recharge ID to use. The College of Engineering also has a software download link.

Department licensed software

We have licenses for:

  • Windows.

  • Microsoft Office.

  • Adobe Acrobat.

Note: The department provides this software only for UC Davis-owned computers.

Contact support for information on installing these programs.

Other software

If you need to purchase software not available through the campus or the department, place an order in OPS, the College of Engineering’s online purchasing system.

Note that software orders requiring a credit card can be placed through OPS. The purchasing personnel will forward you an email with an appropriate link to download the software when the purchase is complete.


Computer Systems Support 

Request support

Helpful links

Undergraduate Computer Lab

Students in the materials science and engineering undergraduate lab are always responsible for their own files. Files left on the systems are subject to deletion at any time. Please use a USB flash drive or online storage like Google Drive. Please also note that eating is not allowed in the labs, as your help and courtesy in keeping things clean is appreciated.


Accounts are required to log on to the computers in the lab. Accounts are reserved for students, staff and faculty who have a direct affiliation with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This includes MSE majors, students taking a class in the department and those who work in the department. To request an account, please email chms-support@ucdavis.edu.


MSE Undergraduate Lab
2061 Bainer Hall
A door code required for access. Please contact chms-support@ucdavis.edu for details.


Printing jobs can be sent to the lab’s Repo Graphics printer (BAINERLAB in the print menu). Instructions for use are below, and are also posted in the lab.

To print (charged):
  1. Print job as normal (make sure printer is BAINERLAB on

  2. When prompted, enter your student ID number (no password) (Note: The remaining balance displayed is NOT accurate).

  3. To release the job at the printer, swipe your student ID card through the card reader magnet-stripe-up.

  4. The job will then release to the printer. Finish by pressing the “End” key on the card reader (top right corner).

To copy (charged):
  1. Swipe student ID card through card reader.

  2. Use the printer screen to make copies.

  3. Finish by pressing the “End” key on the card reader (top right corner).

To scan to email (free):
  1. Swipe student ID card through card reader.

  2. Select “Send” from printer screen menu.

  3. Select “E-Mail” and enter a valid email address.

  4. Select scan preferences on the right-hand side.

  5. Press the green "Start" button to start scan and email.

  6. Finish by pressing the “End” key on the card reader (top right corner).

Remote access

To remotely connect to computers in the undergraduate Virtual Computing Lab, click here.


Unless otherwise noted, the software below is installed on the PCs in our main undergraduate teaching lab:

  • Adobe Acrobat XI.

  • Aspen v8.5.

  • Endnote.

  • Google Chrome.

  • MatLab R2014a.

  • Mozilla Firefox.

  • Microsoft Office 2013.

  • OpenProj.

  • PCM.

  • SuperPro Designer v9.