Where Are They Now?

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We are proud of our graduates’ achievements. The majority of our graduates—both master’s and doctoral—find jobs in industry at companies in the Bay Area. However, a portion of our graduates enter academia by way of postdoctoral scholar positions. Check out the list below for where some of our recent grads have ended up:


  • Chiu, I-Ting, Ph.D.; Process Engineer, Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Leong, Victor Gin He. M.S.; Battery Cell Engineer, Lucid Motors
  • Li, Jianheng. Ph.D.; Process Engineer, Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Srivastava, Meghna M.S.; Data Engineering, Voltus
  • Eren, Erdem. Ph.D.; Software Research Engineering, Intel


  • Carlson, Peter M.Engr; Thermal Technologies
  • Cheng, Yu-Hsing, Ph.D.; TSMC Taiwan
  • Fulton, Lisa, M.Engr; Berkeley Research Company
  • Ghosh, Sujoy, M.S.; Intel
  • Golobic, Alexandra, Ph.D.; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Kirk, Patrick, M.Engr; Reliability Engineering, Apple
  • Harvey, Catherine, M.Engr; Graduate Studies in France
  • Jurca, Shannon, M.S.; Senior Engineering, Research & Development, Thin Film Technology Group
  • Lam, Andy, Ph.D.; Exponent
  • Li, Cai, Ph.D.; KLA
  • Li, Jiaying, M.Engr; Intel
  • Lord, Jeffery, M.Engr; Chevron Technical Center
  • Maruvada, Thejaswi, M.Engr; Industrial Engineer, Firefly Aerospace
  • Mehta, Uday, M.Engr; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Moore, William, M.Engr; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Murrey, Tucker, Ph.D.; Postdoc, Moule Group
  • Nakajima, Kimiko, Ph.D.; Paradromics
  • Shah, Miheer, M.S.; California ICS
  • Wei, Willaim, M.Engr; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Xia, Yiqing, Ph.D.; Corning, China
  • Zhang, Mingwei, Ph.D.; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Zhu, Jiale, M.Engr; Reliability Engineering, Apple


  • Ahlm, Nolan, M.S.; Process Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Ainselie, Kenneth, M.S.; Breakwater Research
  • Chang, Chih-Yuan (Simon), Ph.D.; Thin Films Process Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Dang, Amanda, Ph.D.; Research Scientist, Formulation and Process Development, Gilead Sciences
  • Dryden, Daniel, Ph.D.; Research Engineer, KBR Inc.
  • Kane, Alexander, Ph.D.; Dry Etch Process Engineering, Intel Corporation
  • Raza, Miqdad, M.S.; Process Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Rippy, Geoffery Ian, M.S.; Material Lab Science Engineer, Accenture
  • Rogers, Brian, M.S.; Materials Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Soderling, Julie, Ph.D.; Exponent
  • Zhu, Weidi, Ph.D.; Materials Engineer, Apple


  • Guan, Erjia, Ph.D.; Research and Development Specialist, Chevron
  • Hernandez, Jose, M.S.; Advanced Automotive Development, TE Connectivity
  • Hughes, Lauren, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Li, Hui (Apple), Ph.D.; SPTD Packaging Research and Development Engineer, Intel
  • Smith, Thale, Ph.D.; Materials Scientist, Mantle Inc.
  • Zhang, Shenli, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago


  • Cen, Xi, Ph.D.; Process Engineer, Applied Materials Inc.
  • Deshpande, Atharva, M.S.; Process TD Engineer, Intel
  • Fraga, Martin, Ph.D.; Software Engineer, nTopology
  • Koshnick, Correy, M.S.; Facilities Management: Energy Conservation, UC Davis
  • Lee, Michael, Ph.D.; Materials Engineer, Seagate Technology
  • Mancuso, Jordan, Ph.D.; Automation Engineer, Notable Labs
  • McCold, Cliff, Ph.D.; Research Scientist, Veeco
  • Micklavzina, Benjamin, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Minnesota
  • Qin, Wei, Ph.D.; Application Engineer, Research and Development, ASML-HMI


  • Hickey, Raymond, M.S.; Climate Corps Fellow, SunPower Performance Engineer, Strategic Energy Innovations
  • Hoke, Kyle, M.S.; Project Engineer, Absher Construction Company
  • Jacobs, Ian, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge
  • Jia, Yue, Ph.D.; Product Engineer, KLA-Tencor
  • Kaseman, Derrick, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Lange, Andrew, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Li, Bingxi, M.S.; Algorithm Engineer, KLA-Tencor
  • Mills, Edmund, Ph.D.; LifeWorks Learning Center
  • Nafsin, Nazia, Ph.D.; Module Engineer, Intel
  • Nieto, Andy, Ph.D.; ORAU Postdoctoral Researcher, Army Research Laboratory
  • Parker, Ariel, M.S.; Research Assistant, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Yu, Erick, Ph.D.; Research Scientist, BISCO


  • Dai, Chen, Ph.D.; Product Development, VJ Technologies, New York
  • Drazin, John, Ph.D.; ASEE Postdoctoral Researcher, United States Naval Research Laboratory
  • Hasan, Md Mahbubul, Ph.D.; Yield Engineer, Intel
  • Izumi, Andrew, M.S.; Micron
  • Kim, Seong Ku, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Researcher, Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Li, Binzhi, Ph.D.; Reliability Engineer, Apple
  • Maheshwari, Harsh, M.S.; Associate Member of Technical Staff, Engineering of Battery Materials, QuantumScape
  • Wynn, Thomas, M.S.; Ph.D. Program in Materials Science and Engineering, UCSD
  • Zhang, Xinming, Ph.D.; Processing Engineer, Applied Materials


  • Chen, Chien-Ting (Tim) (Ph.D., 2012); Senior Customer Account Technologist, Advanced Materials
  • Ertorer, Osman (Ph.D., 2011); Senior Research Development Engineer, Oryx Advanced Materials
  • Dussing, Matthew (M.S., 2014); Failure Analysis Engineer, Fitbit
  • Gu, Meng (Ph.D., 2011); Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Jungjohann, Katherine (Ph.D., 2012); Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Kemik, Nihan (Ph.D., 2011); ASML Netherlands
  • Mardilovich, Pavel (Ph.D., 2012); Product Development Engineer, VoltStorage
  • Skaug, Michael (Ph.D., 2011); Data Scientist, Aurora Insight, Boulder, CO
  • Thron, Andrew (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Widgeon, Scarlett (Ph.D., 2013); Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • Chi, Miaofang (Ph.D., 2008); Research Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Holland, Troy (Ph.D., 2007); Director of Research and Development, Veloxint
  • Quach, Dat (Ph.D., 2009); Senior Development Engineer, Seagate Technology