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Student Organizations

Graduate Fellowship or Traineeship


The department has a GAANN (Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need) program funded by the US Department of Education. Domestic graduate students in Materials Science & Engineering with a documented financial need are eligible. GAANN Fellows will in addition to their research program take part in a novel structured teaching component to prepare them for their future careers. Please contact Professor Roland Faller for more information.

Student Organizations

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Student Organization

The Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Student Organization (CHMS-GSO) is a student run organization that was started several years ago and continues as an on-going effort to encourage interaction between graduate students. The CHMS-GSO’s goal is to foster camaraderie between graduate students, faculty and staff in the department by organizing social and networking events. Within the CHMS-GSO, graduate students hold officer positions such as, president, vice-president, treasurer, social chair, faculty representative, GSA representative, and website coordinator, each responsible for their specific task. Unlike other departmental GSOs, we have a faculty representative officer that attends faculty meetings and serves as a direct line of communication between the faculty and the graduate students. We also organize social and academic functions, serve as an information source, and represent your views to the university community through involvement with the campus-wide Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Materials Research Society

A student run chapter of the Materials Research Society (MRS) open to anyone with an interest in materials at UC Davis. MRS is an organization of researchers from academia, industry, and government that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research.  By planning local events and attending national conferences, we hope to promote the agenda of MRS on our campus.