Teaching Assistant/Reader Applications

To apply to be a Teaching Assistant or Reader for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Complete the Graduate Student Eligibility Checklist Survey.
  2. Complete Spring 2022 TA & Reader Application Survey.
  •  February 15th, 2022 for priority review. 
  • You need to sign in via your UC Davis email account.
  • Applications will be accepted until the first day of the Winter Quarter. 

Priority consideration is given to Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. students. 

Our students enjoy success in applying for other departments, especially as Chemistry TAs. You can find more information on their website including testing requirements, application details, and job description. 

You may also be interested in applying for the TA/Reader positions under the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Graduate Student Researcher

To hold a Graduate Student Researcher Position in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, please complete the Graduate Student Eligibility Checklist Survey. 

Direct Deposit

Why Enroll for Direct Deposit?

Any payment or refund made to students through MyBill are eligible for direct deposit. We strongly encourage you to enroll for direct deposit as it expedites these payments by transferring funds electronically into a bank account of your choice. It’s the fastest, most secure way to receive refunds at UCD. Direct Deposit also greatly minimizes the chances of problems since there are no checks to be misplaced, lost, or stolen, and there is no delay in receipt of funds, even if you are out of town.

What Happens if I Don’t Enroll in Direct Deposit?

Any payment or refund made to you will be issued as a paper check and you will have to pick it up in-person at the Student Accounting office during regular business hours. This will likely cause a delay in receiving your funds.

How Do I Enroll for Direct Deposit?

To sign up for Direct Deposit, please go to MyBill and click on the “Refunds” tab. We have also developed a step-by-step reference guide to walk you through the enrollment process.

Questions? Please contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or myaccount@ucdavis.edu. Please include your student ID when emailing their office.