Klaus van Benthem

uc davis materials science engineering professor klaus van benthem

Position Title

  • Materials Science and Engineering
2007 Kemper Hall
Microstructure evolution in ceramics, wetting and dewetting behavior of metal thin films, field assisted sintering, aberration-corrected electron microscopy

van Benthem is interested in developing a fundamental mechanistic understanding of structure-property relationships and related phenomena in functional nanomaterials, focusing on defect structure evolution under externally-applied stress fields. His research group uses a variety of atomic-resolution electron microscopy techniques to explore wetting-dewetting phenomena of thin films, microstructure evolution during ceramic processing and the 3D assembly of individual nanoparticles. Combined with experiments on materials under real-world operating conditions, van Benthem's work provides unique insights into materials’ reliability under extreme conditions and the development of new manufacturing techniques.

van Benthem is the scientific director of the department's Advanced Materials Characterization and Testing Laboratory (AMCaT).