Yayoi Takamura

uc davis materials science engineering professor yayoi takamura

Position Title
Professor and Chair

  • Materials Science and Engineering
2015 Kemper Hall
Thin film growth, new magnetic and electronic materials, synchrotron radiation-based characterization techniques

Takamura studies the growth of complex oxide thin films, heterostructures and nanostructures, as well as the characterization of the new functional properties that emerge at the interfaces between two dissimilar materials. Her work uses laser-assisted growth to control interfacial properties with atomic-layer precision, combined with state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation-based characterization techniques in order to develop a fundamental understanding of the interplay between a material’s structural, chemical, magnetic and electronic properties. Understanding this interplay will enable the design of new materials with properties tailored for next-generation spintronic and electronic devices.