Materials Science and Engineering Faculty Share Expertise and Influence Research on Editorial Boards

Faculty members in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are influencing their field by serving on editorial and editorial advisory boards for academic journals.   

Marina Leite, a professor in the department who researches photonics and sustainable materials for clean energy, was recently appointed as an associate editor for APL Materials. Leite feels that serving on an editorial board is a great way to serve the materials science community and stay on top of new research and growing trends.  

"It's very exciting to participate in editorial boards as I become aware of discoveries in materials research as they are 'fresh from the oven,'" she said. "It also gives me a chance to read about other topics related to materials science research and become familiar with the work of researchers across the globe. It's a great pathway to generate ideas and, ultimately, prepare us to work in new fields." 

Professor and Department Chair Yayoi Takamura adds that the department is young; nearly half of the faculty are junior professors still establishing their academic footing. However, these early-career faculty such as Seung Sae Hong and Scott McCormack are building on the solid reputation of the materials science department by initiating their editorial presence and uplifting not only their own careers but also the department as a whole.  

"Being on an editorial board includes gaining an understanding of how the manuscript review and acceptance process works, which helps enhance the research impact and productivity of all the researchers in the department," said Takamura. "These kinds of leadership roles with journals and major scientific societies also help to increase the reputation and stature of the department, college and university."  

Meet the materials science and engineering faculty who are providing their expertise on exciting new materials research as editors or members of editorial boards.  

Seung Sae Hong
Seung Sae Hong

Assistant Professor 

  • Nano Convergence, 2022 – 2/2024 

Marina Leite
Marina Leite


  • APL Materials, 12/2023 – present  
  • ACS Applied Optical Materials, 2022 – present  
  • Advanced Optical Materials, 2020 – present 
  • Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2021 – present  
  • Chemical Physics Reviews, 2021 – present 
Scott McCormack
Scott McCormack

Assistant Professor 

  • American Ceramic Society Bulletin, present 
uc davis materials science engineering distinguished professor subhash risbud
Subhash Risbud

Distinguished Professor Emeritus 

  • Materials Science and Engineering B, 2017 – present 
uc davis materials science engineering blacutt underwood distinguished professor sabyasachi sen
Sabyasachi Sen

Blacutt-Underwood Distinguished Professor 

  • Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 2011 – present 
  • Earth and Planetary Materials, 2014 – present  
  • International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science, 2018 – present 
uc davis materials science engineering professor yayoi takamura
Yayoi Takamura

Professor and Department Chair 

  • Journal of Applied Physics, 2021 – present 
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2022 – present  

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