Sabyasachi Sen

uc davis materials science engineering blacutt underwood distinguished professor sabyasachi sen

Position Title
Blacutt-Underwood Distinguished Professor

  • Materials Science and Engineering
3011 Ghausi Hall
Amorphous materials, ceramics, structure, relaxation, rheology, spectroscopy, scattering and rheometry-based characterization techniques

Sen's research focuses on both the structural and dynamical characterization of amorphous and crystalline materials, including glasses and ceramics, and the rheological behavior of highly viscous liquids. His work combines spectroscopic, electrical and rheological measurements to develop a fundamental understanding of the interplay between the structure and transport properties of chalcogenide and oxide glasses, ceramics and glass-forming liquids. Sen formulates predictive models of the physical behavior and processing of these materials for a wide variety of modern technologies used in industries that range from photonics and telecommunication to energy storage and remote sensing.