Subhash Risbud

uc davis materials science engineering distinguished professor subhash risbud

Position Title
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

  • Materials Science and Engineering
3015 Ghausi Hall
Glass-ceramic processing by sol-gel, melt casting and sintering, nanoporous materials, photonic properties of quantum dots

The Risbud group investigates interfaces in nano-architected porous materials and disordered solids for energy applications, synthesis of titania and sugar-based gels as hosts for biomolecules, rapid consolidation of magnesium alloy and ceramic powders with defined nanostructures, liquid phase separation in silica-alumina glasses with very high alumina content and oxynitride-oxycarbide glasses and ceramic matrix composites. These projects underpin multi-disciplinary, multi-institution research efforts on new glass and ceramic materials and processes for applications in optical, electronic and biotechnologies.

Risbud was selected as the first holder of the endowed Blacutt-Underwood Professorship in 2009.