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Student Resources and Opportunities

MSE recruits the best and brightest students and they make a substantial investment in their education. We, in turn, are committed to supporting our students. In addition to our course offerings taught by world class faculty (including five National Academy members), we provide:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Financial Support

One of the best opportunities we offer our undergraduate students is to work in the department on faculty research projects. The opportunity to obtain financial support and/or course credit while gaining valuable research experience is one of the most important benefits we offer our undergraduates. Both opportunities can be pursued by contacting individual faculty members.

Summer Internship Credit

Earn summer internship credit in the Fall quarter after your internship experience. Find a professor willing to sponsor your internship and work with them to fill out the Summer Internship (192) form during Spring quarter. Submit 192 Research form to the undergraduate advisor in 3001 Ghausi Hall to receive CRN for Fall.

Student Organizations

Student groups help students network, support one another, and communicate information about internships and career opportunities.  All students should consider joining one of these groups and availing themselves of all the resources they provide.


The Material Advantage Student Chapter (MASC) is a national student organization run by some of the leading professional materials societies in the world: (ACerS) The American Ceramic Society; (AIST) Association for Iron & Steel Technology; (ASM) The Materials Information Society; and (TMS) The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. The UC Davis chapter provides access to many professional and academic resources from these organizations, and encourages students from all majors to participate.


The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an organization of researchers from academia, industry, and government that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research. MRS has a student run chapter at UC Davis that promotes the organization’s agenda by planning local events and attending national conferences.

Other Engineering Organizations