Gaining Access to AMCaT (Off-Campus)

Off-Campus User Registration Thank you for your interest in AMCaT! We look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your research objectives. If you are an On-Campus user, which includes all Professional Schools and Colleges, please follow the instructions on the Gaining Access to AMCaT (On-Campus) page.

  1. Before starting work in AMCaT a Service Agreement must be established between your institution and UC Davis.
  2. Once the Revenue Agreement is established and agreed upon by both parties, a Purchase Order will need to be established between UC Davis and your purchasing Department.
    • This purchase order may be for any amount less than or equal to the total allowable in the Revenue Agreement. Our invoices are due upon receipt and late after 30 days. The Purchase order should be an estimate cost of the work you will do in AMCaT. This should include training by AMCaT Staff as well actual work performed on the instrument. You may find a list of the current AMCaT recharge rates here.
    • Please contact Andrew Sharits ( to start the PO, and to you have any questions or need assistance in estimating the cost of work.
  3. Complete the New AMCaT User Form except for section 4.
    • You will need a 7-character DAFIS account number from AMCaT’s Financial Analyst Maria Horan (
  4. Become a UC Davis Temporary Affiliate.
    • You will receive an automated notification that you are sponsored as a Temporary Affiliate. There will be instructions on how to complete the registration process.
    • Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a UC Davis email address. Please forward this address to Klaus van Benthem (
    • NOTE: You are only required to become a temporary affiliate if you plan on operating the equipment independently.
  5. Complete the Machine Use Authorization Form ( Form3A) only if you plan on using the PanAnalytical XRD
  6. Create a FOM user account by going to the Create New FOM Scheduler Account page.
    • In order to create an account, you must have a valid account number for recharge purposes. This should be the same 7-character DAFIS account number you used on the AMCaT user from.
    • You will get an email in 1-2 days confirming that your scheduler account has been created.
    • NOTE: You do not require a FOM Schedule Account if a member of the AMCaT staff will be preforming the work (For-Service Work).
  7. Once your FOM user account is created, log-in to FOM and select the equipment you wish to use from the equipment list on the right-hand side of the user homepage.
    • List a set of dates and times you are available for the following two weeks.
    • This will send a notification to the equipment manager that you wished to be trained on that specific piece of equipment.
  8. Schedule a Safety walk through and intake meeting with the AMCaT Technical Director
    • Bring the necessary forms with you.
    • Provide an electronic or paper copy of your UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals certificate/diploma from the UC Davis Learning Center.
    • NOTE: You do not have to complete the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals if a member of the AMCaT staff will be preforming the work (For-Service Work).
  9. Schedule instrument training with the instrument manager.
  10. Request your AggieAccess Credentials