Recharge Rates

Use One of AMCaT's State-of-the-Art Instruments

uc davis materials science engineering amcat recharge rates
Klaus van Benthem, graduate student Boyi Qu and AMCaT manager Andrew Thron use the JEOL JEM 2100F-AC Transmission Electron Microscope. Photo: Alexander Fisher-Wagner/UC Davis.

About AMCaT Recharge Rates

AMCaT recharge rates were developed and approved by the UC Davis Office for Budget and Institutional Analysis.

Cancellation policy

Users are required to cancel their reservation at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. Cancelling within 24 hours of the appointment may result in users being charged up to the full cost of the previously scheduled time.

Internal rates

Recharge rates for users with UC Davis affiliation.

External rates

Recharge rates for academic users outside of UC Davis or customers from not-for-profit organizations.

Commercial rates

Recharge rates for customers from for-profit organizations.

Assistance rates

Training of new users is subject to internal or external rates plus the applicable “staff assistance rate.” The numbers of hours for instrument training vary depending on the services used and successful progress of the new user.

Rate category JEOL 2100F-AC TEM Sample Prep Lab PANalytical X'Pert Pro MRD Thermo Fisher Quattro S ESEM Confocal microscopes Sputter Coater Ion Mill XPS
Internal unassisted $58.00 $60.25 $40.00 $40.50 $14.00 $17.75 $26.75 $41.25
Internal assisted / training $114.75 $117.00 $96.75 $97.25 $70.75 $74.50 $83.50 $98.00
External unassisted $77.50 $80.50 $53.50 $54.00 $18.50 $23.75 $35.50 $55.00
External assisted / training $153.25 $156.25 $129.25 $129.75 $94.25 $99.50 $111.25 $130.75

Commercial Unassisted

$248.00 $80.50 $77.00 $91.75 $18.50


$35.50 $92.25
Commercial Assisted $323.75 $156.25 $152.75 $167.50 $94.25 $99.50 $111.25 $168.00