Kratos Supra Axis XPS

uc davis materials science engineering amcat axis supra photoelectron spectrometer
Photo courtesy of Andrew Thron.


The Axis Supra is a X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) manufactured by Kratos Analytical. XPS is a surface sensitive technique, which allows the user to analyze the composition of their sample within the first 10nm of the surface. The Axis Supra is equipped with a Monchromated X-Ray Gun (Al and Ag anodes), an Achromatic X-Ray Gun (Al and Mg anodes), and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) He lamp.

A Hemispherical and Spherical mirror analyzer equipped with a 128 channel Delay-Line Detector allows for fast parallel imaging and excellent signal-to-noise. The Axis Supra is also equipped with a Minibeam 4, Ar+ ion gun designed for surface cleaning and relative depth profiling.

An ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) Surface Science Station (SSS) is attached to the analysis chamber by a load lock. The SSS gives the user the in-situ capability of exposing samples to a variety of gas environments pre and post analysis without having to break vacuum. Furthermore, the heat and cool holder allow the user to perform in-situ experiments in the sample analysis chamber.

The Axis Supra is also equipped with a high tilt sample arm which can be used to acquire Angle-Resolved XPS (ARXPS).

Acquisition of the Axis Supra was funded by NSF-MRI 182838. The proposal was submitted by Professor Kristi Koski, and co-PIs Charles S Fadley, Coleman Kronawitter, Frank Osterloh and Jesus Velazquez.


Monochromatic Source
  • Al anode Kα : 1486.6eV
  • Ag anode Lα : 2984.2eV
Achromatic Source
  • Al anode Kα: 1486.6eV
  • Mg anode Kα: 1254 eV
UPS Lamp
  • He (I): 21.22eV
  • He (II): 40.80eV


Heat and Cool Stage
  • < -100°C to 800°C.
  • Dose up to three gases simultaneously.
  • Spatial resolution of 1µm.
  • Ar+ ions from 500eV to 4keV.


108 Kemper Hall.

Recharge Rates Per Hour

  • Internal Unassisted: $41.25
  • Internal Assisted/Training: $98.00
  • External Unassisted: $55.00
  • External Assisted/Training: $103.75
  • Commercial Unassisted: $92.25
  • Commercial Assisted/Training: $168.00