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The Evolution of Magnetic Domains


Soft x-ray photoemission electron microscopy was used to observe and characterize the evolution of magnetic domain structure as a function of temperature in micromagnets patterned into epitaxial films of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3. These images reveal the formation of novel spin textures that are a hybridization of well-described configurations and emerge from the balance between fundamental materials parameters, micromagnet geometries, and epitaxial strain. The results demonstrate how the magnetic domain state can be tailored through careful control of these factors – a capability essential for efficient design and characterization of functional properties in next generation spintronic devices.

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Tailoring Spin Textures in Complex Oxide Micromagnets – Michael S. Lee, Thomas A. Wynn, Erik Folven, Rajesh V. Chopdekar, Andreas Scholl, Anthony T. Young, Scott T. Retterer, Jostein K. Grepstad, and Yayoi Takamura – ACS Nano