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studentsOur Students

MSE Students receive the training that will put them on the cutting edge of work in fields such as energy, biotechnology, and materials science. The education they receive imparts the knowledge for them to become leaders in industry and academia for the 21st century. However, the cost of UC tuition continues to rise rapidly due to state budget cutbacks. Please help students realize their educational goals by donating today. All funds given in this category will be used to provide fellowships to support MSE students. Donate Today

castro_speakingOur Faculty

Support our faculty’s research efforts by giving today. MSE faculty are doing groundbreaking research in areas ranging from solar cells to green technology to nanoparticles and catalysis. Build a better tomorrow for our state and nation by supporting MSE research. View a complete description of our research areas and a list of all faculty and their research programs. Donate Today

Takamura1 The Department

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering is noted not only for its commitment to excellence—recruiting top-notch graduate students—but also for diversity, attracting traditionally underrepresented groups and those with backgrounds other than chemical engineering and materials science and engineering. Donate Today