UC Davis made shield

Engineering Superheroes

Engineering Superheroes is an initiative designed to inspire a new generation of STEM professionals, with a focus on materials engineering. The project includes a fun, unique video series which builds on the universe of superheroes to educate K-12 grade students on concepts of math, science and engineering. The videos all have an activity, with detailed instructional lesson plans, to fulfill the education experience.

Engineering Superheroes is funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research Ceramics 2015650 as well as through UC Davis crowdfunding.

Episode 1: Captain America's Shield

In this episode, Professor Castro and his team explain the science behind Captain America's shield with fun and simple engineering concepts. The concepts covered include composite materials, atomic structures and mechanical properties.

A fun activity demonstrating structural properties of different types of chocolate is included.

Download the lesson plans:

Episode 1.5: Iron Man's Arc Reactor

In this episode, Professor Castro explains the science behind Iron Man's Arc Reactor, the power source for Tony Stark's Iron Man suits.

Professor Castro covers the concept of beta decay utilizing Palladium, which Tony Stark uses in the first Iron Man movie after being captured by the Ten Rings.

Episode 2: Coming Soon