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Ceramics & Glasses


In the Materials Science & Engineering department, a large and often collaborative effort is focused on the synthesis, characterization, and building of structure-property systematics of oxide and non-oxide ceramics and glasses in bulk and thin film form.  Potential applications for this research exist in the areas of energy storage, conversion, photonics, spintronics, and electronics. Such research takes advantage of the respective research groups’ expertise in the synthesis of ceramics and thin films with well-controlled grain boundaries and interfacial strain states (Castro, Takamura), high-resolution microscopy of grain surfaces and interfaces (van Benthem), electrical measurements of ionic/protonic transport (Kim), spectroscopic measurements of structure and dynamical processes (Sen), direct calorimetric measurements of surface and interface energies (Castro, Navrotsky), ultrafast laser-induced modification of physical properties (Krol), and mesoscale theory (Kim).  An important area of research involves understanding and harnessing the interactions that occur at the nanoscale at and across the interfaces between dissimilar materials, since these interfaces often possess unexpected functional properties not found in the constituent materials.


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